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Our Product

Dr. Spline is an Intelligent cloud-based Healthcare platform that leverages innovative techniques from Artificial Intelligence and follows global standards and regulations.

The purpose

Ever rising Healthcare cost and lowest ever trust between patient and Healthcare organization.
Significant Medical Burnouts of Healthcare professionals.

Lack of Secured healthcare system which can avert the menace of ransomware, medical data theft.

Current market does not offer a fully integrated voice/conversational solution for Medical Practitioners that acquires plethora of heterogeneous medical information.

A dire need for advanced predictive solutions with integrated image and video analytics for highly effective, accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Lack of Interoperable Healthcare platforms that works across Multiple clouds and mobile/wearable devices, multilingual and cost effective.

FHIR standard has created compelling need for the Healthcare solutions to migrate to this Platform.

Dr. Spline is a Secure Healthcare Conversational UI Platform for any Medical Practitioner that:

Significantly reduces Medical burnout

Offers Interoperability & follows latest regulatory standards through FHIR API

Enables Clinical Intelligence as a Service offering Predictive, DICOM and Ultrasound Analytics through.

Why Dr. Spline?


Conversational UI with simple streamlined workflow and cool visual analytics dashboard

Anytime /Anywhere

Cloud Based, available on Devices (Desktop, Mobile, App, Wearable)


Fully leverages FHIR APIs (Fast healthcare Interoperability Resources), HIPAA /GDPR


Seamless convolution of text, voice, image, DICOM/Ultrasound scan data and reports


Healthcare Speech-to-Text and Multilingual Conversational System using Kaldi


Cloud based FHIR - Storage and maintenance free. Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud option.


Data Privacy, Preventing Data theft & Ransomware


DL based Analytics for Heart Disease Prediction, X-Ray Image Analytics ..


Segmentation using Deep Learning with help of NVIDIA CLARA


Optimised Healthcare cost for organization and patients

Hybrid Cloud

Supports large numbers of On-Premise DL Analytics through Kubernetes


Initial versions for ENT, Gynecology, Pediatric, Orthopedics, Eye and Alzheimer

Healthcare NLP

Speech-To-Text and real time acquisition of Healthcare Info from Speech

Service offering

Large Scale Population Healthcare Analytics


Integrating 5G capability for IoHT/IoMT Applications