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Our Offerings

Few of our innovation has led to the flagship product – Dr. Spline. It is an intelligent Hybrid Cloud-based Healthcare platform that leverages the latest AI techniques and global standards (FHIR APIs).

We develop/deliver Projects and provide consulting services for our global clients across multiple development platforms over Cloud and Hybrid Environments. Our Healthcare offerings extend service works through DevOps, project development and IoT Edge Computing

Advance Healthcare Solution – Dr.Spline

Dr. Spline is a Secure Healthcare Conversational UI Platform for any Medical Practitioner that:

Significantly reduces Medical burnout

Offers Interoperability & follows latest regulatory standards through FHIR API

Enables Clinical Intelligence as a Service through offering Predictive Analytics, DiCom, Natural Language Process and many more.

advance healthcare solutions
healthcare transformations

Healthcare Transformations

We build Healthcare Predictive Analytics and large scale population health analytics accelerated by NVIDIA RAPIDS.

We develop highly optimized Deep Learning Models suitable for Deep Learning Accelerator Hardware.