Our Product

Dr.Spline is an Intelligent cloud-based Healthcare platform that leverages state-of-the-art techniques from Artificial Intelligence and follows global standards.

Our Services

Projects and consulting Services through DevOps for our global clients across multiple development platforms over Cloud and Hybrid Environments.

Our Expertise

FHIR API based Healthcare products and Healthcare IoT with Edge Computing using the latest NVIDIA GPUs and Xilinx FPGA. We're a partner of Google Healthcare team for Alpha/Beta version testing of FHIR APIs in Google Cloud Platform.

About Us

Spline.ai is an advanced technology company whose mission is to develop tools and products for Healthcare using Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance Computing platforms accelerated by advanced Intel Processors, FPGA, and NVIDIA GPUs.


We're an NVIDIA Inception Member, Official partner of Google Healthcare team for testing alpha/beta versions FHIR APIs in Google Cloud Platform. Early access partner of NVIDIA CLARA (Medical Imaging Toolkit), XILINX accelerator program partner.

Our Offerings

  • Few of our innovation has led to the flagship product - Dr. Spline. It is an intelligent Hybrid Cloud-based Healthcare platform that leverages the latest AI techniques and global standards (FHIR APIs).

  • We develop/deliver Projects and provide consulting services for our global clients across multiple development platforms over Cloud and Hybrid Environments. Our Healthcare offerings extend service works through DevOps, project development and IoT Edge Computing

Advance Healthcare Solution - Dr.Spline

Dr. Spline is a Secure Healthcare Conversational UI Platform for any Medical Practitioner that:
+ Significantly reduces Medical burnout
+ Offers Interoperability & follows latest regulatory standards    through FHIR API
+ Enables Clinical Intelligence as a Service offering    Predictive, DICOM and Ultrasound Analytics through    

Project and R & D Services

We build Healthcare Predictive Analytics and large scale population health analytics accelerated by NVIDIA RAPIDS.


We develop highly optimized Deep Learning Models suitable for Deep Learning Accelerator Hardware.


Contact us to know more about our Healthcare innovations and solutions.

Our IOT Solutions

Healthcare IoT Solutions

The Healthcare IOT market is expected to grow from $40Bn in 2017 to $160Bn by 2022. We offer service works on Healthcare IOT categories: Internet of Medical Things(IoMT) and the Internet of Healthy Things(IoHT). We have expertise and platform ready for developing top-class Healthcare IOT applications that leverage 5G technology, FHIR APIs and Edge computing using the latest NVIDIA GPUs.

Healthcare NLP

We provide innovative solutions and R & D services for Healthcare NLP using DeepSpeech and Kaldi.


HPC Solutions using FPGA and NVIDIA GPU

We can develop HPC solutions for optimization, simulation, erasure coding and focused technology areas in Cloud

Awards & Partnerships

Honored to be a part of NVIDIA

Official Partner of Google Healthcare Team for testing FHIR APIs

NVIDIA CLARA - Early access partner of NVIDIA Medical Imaging Toolkit

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